Hello world! (again)

I really need to stop being a closet writer/thinker on education. 
Firstly. Tyler Durden is absolutely right — I need to stop believing that I am a special, beautiful unique snowflake. Thousands of student activists and thinkers are making an impact on education, and so what if I happen to be, say, the only person from [insert combination of past school, current pin code and any frivolous past accomplishment] to do it. We need the numbers, thank god I’m not the only one doing it.
Secondly, pretty much every idea on education has been thought about, scrutinised and practised somewhere, sometime. What we’re doing as education thinkers for the most part, is just stringing them in different combinations. There’s nothing personal about this. The potency of the idea trumps originality hands down. And it’s more important that the work gets done, rather than who did it, and why they did it. Big deal if education turns out not to be my Passion/Purpose in life — it’s inconsequential to whether or how much good work I do in education.
Education, before action, is about conversation. Hell, Nikhil Goyal’s first book has praise+disagreement in the same sentence from some of the biggest names in education. And he’s not scared to bring out a second book. His ideas are going to offend somebody, his advice may not be for everybody but he’s still standing up boldly for what he believes. And that is bloody remarkable. 
There are so many ways to get things done, so many factors involved, so many other fields you have to understand before you can even touch education but that only means that we have a bigger canvas to work with. We can, today, work in education with the maker-mindset — with strong competencies, a vision for the future, and a willingness to live with the best we can, and keep improving — rather than with the, idk, disillusioned moralist — with strong beliefs and no permission to change them, with ONE vision for the future and a desperate search for THE right answer (which doesn’t exist, of course). 
This is really exciting, why did I need to stress myself so much to get here! 



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