It’s official. They’re leaving. And they’re leaving me all alone.

Trust me to fall in to the trap of attachment each time beautiful relationships are made. Fevibond is strong as hell and it’s good while the objects need to be stuck – quite a job when it’s time for breaking the bond. Flipside to everything.

So I’m unschooling. And to see me through this journey and many more, they were always there. One made the video that got me through to TedX Coimbatore ’12 all the way from Hyderabad, and one has spent hours with me discussing schools and learning and freedom. They gave shape to my dreams and made it worthwhile for the world to look at it. Advice, love, encouragement, warning.. all of it. Even if his mom didn’t like it, or he had the world of Chemistry waiting to be conquered.

So I’m unschooling and they are not! For them to go where they dream and breathe and hope each day it will take all the determination and hard work in the world. None of the amazing work that they’ve turned out the last few months because the world they want to be in is hard, cruel, competitive. But none of it matters once they’re on the mountain they’re preparing to climb.

While I’m making a herculean effort to be strong by the impending absence of their support for the next many months, I’m sending a lot of optimism to make your vision come true. The vision, when it comes true, will make them feel big and capable and accomplished. Maybe then my two favourite class guys will call themselves the Big Brainy Men. Maybe after this I’ll have the promised Volkswagen Beetle and an almost permanent place to stay at Boston.

I see a beautiful tomorrow coming your way, boys. Even if I’m crying while letting you go today.

Besto :’)


The after-RV-life.

Not exactly, but it’s been a year since RV. A year that, took me as far away from RV as it did bring me closer.

It started out with grimness – what else, when you are requested to leave a place you love. A lot like being dumped. I tried to start again, but that’s hardly easy when a hundred ties to the past refuse to let you go …when you refuse to let go.

They gave me a new room and a phone but I still wanted my messy First room and tactfully acquired phone chits.
They gave me amazing food (such a winning point after DH ka khaana!) but I still wanted to cook my lousy maggi and eat it with.my.hands. And clear up all evidence of having done so.
They gave me superiority – but I kept harping about equality of students and not wanting the evil Captain badge.
They gave me freedom, love and so many choices… but I still longed for RV.

There was only so much I could sulk and cry – eventually they did lure me out and away from my RV Prejudice. There began a fresh insight into my past. Amazingly enough, I got over RV. I got over that lover who had dumped me and moved on without me – and just like the fresh-lease-of-life movie scene, that longing, pain and pessimism turned into a new core of ideas, values, a way of life, within me.

I began to carry RV with me.
– (Thank you, Mallika and John for repetition of this profound truth.) – because it ceased to be an exclusive set of physical entities and ideas attached to them – for example, Asthachal in the valley, folkie and all the illegal stuff – and transcended to what all those things represent – the beauty of silence and nature, community and experiences that go beyond established rules, respectively.

I dug out the experiences and unearthed just the essence of everything that RV is made of. Stripping all else that has been hiding and changing that essence – and what’s left is unlimited by space and time. If and when an ex – RV-ite finds this dawning realization, I believe that he or she has understood RV. And if he or she can carry that essence and sprinkle it on their conditions, then they have found RV.

I am still terribly attached to the place and people but I’ve found ways to channel RV into everything – twenty minutes of silence every evening, taking turns doing the chores and questioning everything – I have found my RV.

*              *             *             *            *             *

This piece was published as the first written contribution on The RV Storybook! Aravind, as *ahem* editor called the author a ‘maverick unschooler’ and boy, I llllike the sound of that.

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